Did I ever mention the support I get from my school? If not let me tell you – they are brilliant!! My mum had to ask Mrs H (the head teacher) if I could have a day off school so that I could attend ESS 2016. And she said yes.

So, next Wednesday I will be heading up north to the NEC in Birmingham. I am really excited to be going back – Yes, I know it’s a trade show, I know I’m only 10… but it will be my second year there – And it is amazing!!!

There is so much to see, especially for a fire enthusiast like me. From the tiniest pin badge to the biggest appliances and anything in between. This year I will most certainly be looking for dry suits, woolly bears and PFD’s, also a visit to the fire service college and The Fire Fighters Charity before wandering around to see as much as possible before closing time.

Obviously I am also hoping to meet a lot of my friends and making a lot of new friends.

#OneLadsChallenge at ESS 2015
#OneLadsChallenge at ESS 2015

Emergency Service Show NEC (7)

As you can see I had a great time there last year and look forward to this year’s ESS – hopefully the weather will be nice enough to spend time outside – that’s where all the big ‘toys’ are ( as I’ve said before – boys don’t grow up, the toys just get bigger and more expensive.

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