Well, I have now completed to over 1000 visits to fire stations and other fire related places (HQ’s, Control Rooms, Training Centres etc) but finding it difficult to keep up with adding photos to my website, but I will be trying to add a few stations most days to see if I can get them all on.

Today I have added photos from

  • Alderney (current Fire Station, Alderney Airport and the old fire station)
  • Guernsey (Fire Station and Airport Fire Station)
  • Herm
  • Sark
  • Burley #52, Hampshire FRS
  • Cosham #23, Hampshire FRS
  • Eastleigh #32, Hampshire Fire Station
  • Havant #16, Hampshire FRS
  • Redbridge Hill #53, Hampshire FRS

If I have been to your local fire station and I haven’t yet put the photos up – just let me know and will get them on as soon as possible.

I will get round to all of them at some point, but there are so many photos…..

2 Replies to “More fire stations added.”

  1. You are doing a fantastic job Andrew and family! keep up the great work. You are making a positive difference, raising funds for The Fire Fighters Charity with this awesome challenge. Well done buddy!!

    1. Thanks Kev, I am having a brilliant time and learning so much at the same time. It’s so much fun – it doesn’t even feel like learning or working.

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